I lost my job

It wasn’t supposed to happen, I was enjoying life, great income, beautiful wife and kids. My life was well planned and all was going smoothly before it all started.

I was the man of the house, I provide basically everything needed for everyone in my home – feeding, clothing, appliances, and bills. My wife make not up to half of my monthly income, it was never seen as a problem as my income pays all the bills.

But suddenly, it all changed, I had to clear my desk. At first, I wasn’t worried about the income, I believed, there was my credit card to take care of my family expenses for a while till I get back on my feet. It was not as quick as I hoped.

I kept looking for a job, just any job to support my wife, whose income is barely enough. It was a bad time for us, we weren’t that big happy family anymore. We were totally buried in debts, especially my credit card. There was no way for me to pay up our accumulated interests payments and likewise no idea on how to reduce our credit card debt.

I couldn’t tell friends or family about this issue. Gladly, I got a job with awesome income, thinking I could rectify our credit card debt, but nothing I did reduce the debts. So I had no choice, but to seek help from my church pastor, who explained how he was also in a similar situation just as mine. He also provided me with the credit card relief programs, so I got home to look it up and read various people attesting to the fact that it helps pay off your credit card debt.

I diligently followed all payment procedures and soon we were able to manage our debts. I was really grateful for the credit card relief programs. Now, my family and I enjoy financial freedom.…

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